Meeko has been in the family since 2007. A yellow lab that enjoys long hikes in the forest and laying down in a flowing stream. She is a persistant dog that knows what she wants and is not afraid to jump on the counter for something mistakenly left out.

Buddy is a forest dog that a hiker found in the Nature Preserve in May 2015. He seems to be a mix that resembles the photo results for a black mouth cur if you search for that. He is sweet and focused.

Nim is a lab mix that was rescued from a Shelter two years ago. She is a fun dog that does not like getting her feet wet in the rain.

Roo is a cat that was found stumbling around blindly in the middle of a rural southeastern State Highway. She has since recovered most of her vision and most of her health. She is a playful cat and we are both learning our boundaries. If you notice any scratches on my hands, she is probably the source. (I'm learning to not treat cats like dogs)

Pearcy is an orange male cat who is an insistant snuggler.

Amelia is an orange female cat who is an elusive snuggler.