I'm changing from Apache to Nginx so that I can run Bitwarden the open-source self-hostable password manager and switch away from the proprietary Lastpass. I hope that Nginx will also be lighter on resource use and easier to use.

Some of the links in the post below may not work and this blog may be a little funky for a couple weeks as I do piecemeal work on this project.



Switched to nginx and loaded bitwarden.

The "how-to" on the Bitwarden website seemed easy to follow and the package they provide made for what likely could have been a straightforward set up process. It ended up being more challenging for me to complete the total process than for other self-hosted applications and I still haven't gotten the reverse proxy configured. But it works and I'm ok with how things are now.

While I was logged into the server I saw in the nginx logs many, many random searches for ebooks and random product coupons on the searx instance so I blocked the source IP. I also changed the subdomain that the searx instance was on. There were also attempts to find vulnerabilities in the server so I blocked the source IP and found this bot blocker to install https://github.com/mitchellkrogza/nginx-ultimate-bad-bot-blocker. This bot blocker requires the nginx virtual host filetypes to be .vhost instead of .conf as they are generally known to be (to me anyway). So now I need to change the filetypes and configure the blocker.

Now to move nextcloud and the url shortener over then shutdown the VPS that I used with Apache.

The two goals of this process will be for me to have a simple web presence that I can use to practice my storytelling and writing, and to compile a few tools that will allow me to use the internet in a more indepenent way.

It would be interesting and the most secure to try to build a small server and run it from home. One day. Not today.